Lionel & Sheila beside Plymouth

Calgary Herald 29/04/07 – “Urgency Drives Collection” – A Few Words Will Do – Talonbooks. "Lionel Kearns has a powerful mastery of English, so much that many poems call to be read a second time – immediately – just to savour that turning moment, for the words on which the poems hinge.”

Front Street Review. Michelle Boucher-Ladd. "Kearns has a steady energy that seems to electrify his poetry, almost as if the poems are plugged into some kind of current. His poetic forms vary. Some have iambic meter, some are concrete, while others are free verse. They all seem to say see what I can do!"

Canadian Literature. Meredith Quartermain. “Kearns gives us charming, sometimes whimsical, sometimes deeply moving reflections born of a life-time’s contemplation.”

BC Book World. Winter 07-08, p.37. Hannah Main-Van Der Kamp. “Kearns has been there and done that and his poems stand the test of time with ease. These accessible pieces are a reminder of how good poetry hangs in there. And how pleasurable!”

A 'n' E Vibe: The Pulse of Arts 'n' Entertainment. Kindah Mardam Bey. "Kearns poetry reminds me of Altman’s films; something we all loved and connected to, but somehow found hard to easily pigeon-hole. A Few Words Will Do is a stunning debut collection of poems, which is a lifetime's worth in the making."