About This Website

Lionel Kearns I'm building this site myself. It's not very sophisticated, as websites go. In fact, it's quite primitive, but that is the way I want it: simple, uncluttered, non-commercial. I'm not using templates. I'm just plugging away with my limited skill and a lot of help from my friend, Jim Andrews. It's slow work, but when the code behaves and the composition goes well, the process is very rewarding. And it isn't chiselled in granite. If there is anything here that irritates or offends you, let me know, and I will change it. I'm interested in what you have to say.

The themes of this site are time and meaning. Time is change. Its consequences are everywhere, though I don't understand them well. Meaning, on the other hand, is simply connection. It is what we seek. In its extreme form, meaning is love. I think I understand that a little better than I understand time. The mind is a great connector, and so is language, and all its extensions, like html (hypertext markup language), which is the basic stuff of the web. We are fortunate to have it - language, and the technologies that run it.

By the way, that's me in the tub, in 1938. I've changed a bit since then. Forgive me if this site seems overly focused on me. Keep in mind that I am just a locus, a starting point, one among the many. You are a locus too. Correspondence is the key. If this site, or any site, or any piece of art or music or literature, connects you and me at some level of consciousness, then we have meaning. And when meaning resonates and renews itself and penetrates the ether of loneliness and loss through which we move, well, some people call that beauty, and some people call it something else.

My email address is    lkearnsATtelus.net    I'm always glad to get a message. (Of course you have to replace the "AT" with "@". That's just to confuse the spam crawlers.)