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John Webber: Ship Cove
I've been working on Convergences since the 1960s. Edition 1.0 was published in hard copy in 1984 by the Coach House Press, Toronto. Since then I have revised, chopped, and augmented the text, adding new layers of subject matter and visuality. Inspired by the minute images on postage stamps and other visual remnants of our neglected collective memory, I have attempted to bring to light and place in context a tiny portion of the vast repertoire of historical data that is currently available. Composition, in this case, is simply a coming to terms with what is there.

So here it is: Convergences 2.0. the web edition. Other editions are in process. Text copyright © Lionel Kearns, 2002, 2009. All rights reserved. Permission to reproduce illustrations thanks to Simon Fraser University Special Collections, Public Archives of Canada, and the Post Master General of Canada.